Fablens_logo-text-Architectural visualization-founded by Fabio Murgolo

Who we are

Fablens is an Italian architectural visualization studio founded by Arch. Fabio Murgolo, creates attractive renders, 3D animation and VR tours for people worldwide.
As a team of skilled artists deeply passionate about architecture and CGI, we weave our origins into every facet of our work. Our innovative and artistic creations not only showcase our dedication but also contribute to our clients success in presentations, obtaining building permissions, securing design concept approvals, and enhancing product visual marketing materials.

Our values

Our journey always began with a simple idea: revealing new worlds through different lenses
We consistently explore all possibilities to showcase architecture at its finest, experimenting with different approaches to ensure top quality. 
We firmly believe that each project holds significance and deserves the best storytelling. Every image we provide is meticulously crafted with care and attention to detail.
Whether you represent an architectural firm, a marketing agency, or a construction company, our approach is designed to be special for you. 

Behind the lens

Fabio Murgolo
Founder-Visual Architect

Wearing lenses since age 3, but started to see well much later.
Craftsman and occasional musician, art enthusiast.
Always open to new challenges!

Let's work together!